Friday, January 24, 2014

Title, Anyone?

Titles are fun to work with. I get mine from inside the story as I write the piece. I tried writing towards a title once upon a time and it was a disaster! Don’t do it. You don’t have to know the book to appreciate a good title. Good titles will sometimes trigger a thought in the reader which could be an amazing effect.

Novel #5, another mystery, featuring Johnny Murdock, like my four previous novels, is more about people’s lives rather and clues and trails and cop-stuff. So far I have three selections for secondary titles: 

“a novel about a man who did the right thing”
“a novel about the fog of war and the fog of age”
“a novel about remembering our fathers for who they were, not who we want them to be”

I like this third option because moving the comma to the right one word and dropping the rest of sentence makes a huge difference and a wonderful line in itself.

Some possible titles:

Fog of War
Fog of Age
The Violated House
Killing the Ghost
Mortal Ghosts
Blue’s Crying
Honor Thy Father
Lonely In the Night
An Honorable Man

Know any really good titles? Let’s talk:


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