Friday, August 24, 2012

The Day Job

Just as I get the potential news posted, the e-book really goes into the cloud. The title is "The Day Job" and is about 45,000 words or so, excluding the front matter. All three e-books are available via with some distribution out to various e-reader vendors. What I do as a short cut is type "Charles Moore" and then the title into a blank search engine and that has always taken me to smashwords and my e-books: "The Day Job" "The Wrong Time for a Killing" or "Enter Death."

The covers aren't much. I don't have spare change to buy talent. But, in this brave new world of e-books I'm not sure how much a cover is worth. This is part of the shakeout, I suspect, as people rise a little above average with their completed works. Time to start thinking on the next one. Back to having Clubs Murdock as my protagonist and building a moral story around greed and material obsession. Stay tuned! (And, thanks.)


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