Tuesday, July 31, 2012

e-publishing update

I am in the midst of getting WIP#3 moved along. It is right now at the proof readers. This one is a mystery, also, like the first two. With Franc Donahue again as the protagonist and detective.

I explain to my friends that Franc's name is actually Francis. As in Sir Francis Drake. When I was in high school one of my fellow students was named Frank. Or, I guess, we would have spelled it that way. In roll call one day it comes out "Francis." I think he was slightly embarrassed.

Jack Higgs apparently used to tell the story of when he was in high school, taking Latin, and being on the football team, the coach said something about Latin being for woosies. Dr. Higgs recollects wondering what Julius Caesar would have thought of that.

The next stage will be to incorporate their findings and suggestion into one more manuscript. Probably then print one more copy. And it'll be about ready. Make a cover. Prepare the front matter. Make sure all the automatic text features are turned off. Decide on tags, fly information, price, bio. And, then, give it a whirl.